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The JPEG GIF PNG Optimizer Active-X Control for Windows® 32 bit applications

The Image Optimizer ActiveX Control is designed to allow you to add class leading JPEG, GIF and PNG image compression and image enhancement to your custom applications with the minimum of effort. It is compatible with any language that supports ActiveX; including Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi and C++ Builder. Savings of up to 50% or more in file size are possible, which can considerably decrease web page download times - increasing page views and revenue generation, save on disk space and reduce bandwidth charges.

The control is particularly suited to the preparation of graphics for e-commerce sites. For example the control can be used to make highly efficient thumbnails using the PNG format while larger images can use MagiCompressed JPEGs.

If you are new to web graphics we recommend you download xat.com Image Optimizer (GUI version) and familiarize yourself with JPEG, GIF and PNG compression and see the benefits of MagiCompression.

Using the OCX is straight forward. For example to reduce the quality of a JPEG image by 10 and MagiCompress the image the following Visual BASIC code could be used:


Image Optimizer OCX editions

The OCX is available in two editions:

OCX Enhanced Standard JPEG compression and 256 color reduction, crop, resize and rotate. Image enhancement including automatic color, levels adjustment and powerful text and image captioning including opacity an full alpha channel support.
OCX Full Adds JPEG MagiCompression, full variable color reduction and noise reduction.

All editions use the same programming interface. The downloadable demo has all the features of the full edition except that it adds a very small xat.com to the image. Features:

Speed up web pages, reduce server load, cut bandwidth costs and save disk space
JPEG, GIF and PNG compression
Text and image captioning
Color correction and levels adjustment
MagiCompression of JPEGs
Image resizing, crop and rotate
PictureBox interface
Advanced color reduction and dithering
Easy to use and interface with Visual Basic, Delphi and C++Builder


The example below shows how Image Optimizer OCX Full's advanced JPEG compression can give you smaller file sizes and better quality images. The "pink" image shows how the MagiCompress algorithm has automatically selected regions to compress at different quality levels. The pinker a region the more it is compressed.

Standard JPEG
5482 bytes

With Image
3779 bytes

Regional compression

comp_b.jpg (5482 bytes) comp_a.jpg (3779 bytes) comp_r.jpg (7367 bytes)

JPEG artifacts

Reduced artifacts

ski_b.gif (6025 bytes) ski_a.gif (5549 bytes)

Image Optimizer OCX enhanced enables you to enhance and optimize images very quickly and easily. Automatic functions are provided to suggest values for correcting colors and levels. Here are some examples of the enhancements that can be achieved:



Enhance / Levels

levels_b.jpg (5415 bytes) levels_a.jpg (7718 bytes)

Color correction

Clean / De-Noise

Captions - adding text or images

Image Optimizer OCX Enhanced/Full 2.00 and above includes the ability to place another picture on the images and to add text to the image e.g:

In the above image, an xat.com logo has been placed over most of the image as a very transparent watermark and the file name has been added to the top right hand corner. Note that in this case an alpha channel is used to make parts of the logo fully transparent.

Sample Application

The OCX includes a sample in Visual BASIC that shows how easy it is to use the xat.com OCX in your application. A typical application is the uploading of images of houses and cars for sale to a central data base. The sample can be easily adapted to this use. The image is captured from a digital camera, scaled, a logo and caption are added, the image is compressed and uploaded.

A screen shot of the application is shown below:

Widget Holidays sample application

Methods and Properties

The list below is a summary of the methods and properties for the Image Optimizer Control. More details are available in the help file that comes with the OCX.

- Full Edition only

Load Load an image from disk  
Compress Compress image  
Save Compress and save an image to disk  
ColorCalc Automatically calculate color correction  
LevelsCalc Automatically calculate levels correction  
Property   Read Assign Read Src Assign Src Read Dst Assign Dst  
FileType JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF or BMP     o   o o  
ImageWidth Width of Image in pixels     o   o o  
ImageHeight Height of Image in pixels     o   o o  
FileSize Size of image file in bytes     o   o    
JpegColorType Standard, Extra color or Grayscale     o   o o  
JpegQuality 1-100 1=low qual 100=high qual     o   o o  
JpegMagiCompression 0-100 0=none 100=high compression o o        
JpegProgressive True for Progressive JPEG     o   o o  
PngNoOfColors No of Colors in GIF or PNG image     o   o o
PngDithering 0-100 0=none 100=max o o          
PngInterlaced True for Interlaced GIF/PNG     o   o o  
Picture Picture Interface o o          
NoiseReduction Noise reduction (0-100 and advanced) o o        
Resize True to resize the image o o          
ResizeSharpness Sharpness to use while resizing o o          
Crop True to crop the image o o          
CropLeftMargin  Crop offset on left of image in pixels o o          
CropTopMargin Crop offset at top of image in pixels o o          
CropWidth Width of crop in pixels o o          
CropHeight Height of  crop in pixels o o          
Rotate Rotate the image: 0, 90, 180 or 270 o o          
Flip Flip the image horizontally or vertically o o          
TextCaption Add text to the image o o          
ImageCaption Add an image (e.g. logo) to the image o o          
ColCyanToRed Adjust color cyan to red (-100 to +100) o o          
ColMagentaToGreen Adjust color magenta to green (-100 to +100) o o          
ColYellowToBlue Adjust color yellow to blue (-100 to +100) o o          
ColSaturation Color saturation (-100 to +100) o o          
Brightness Brightness (-100 to +100) o o          
Contrast Contrast (-100 to +100) o o          
Gamma Gamma (0.2 - 5.0) o o          
Levels True to adjust levels of the image o o          
LevelsLow The low levels value (0-255) o o          
LevelsMid The middle levels value (0-255) o o          
LevelsHigh The high levels value (0-255) o o          
Equalization Equalization (0-100) o o          
Sharpen Sharpen (0-100 and advanced) o o          
Blur Blur (0-100 and advanced) o o          


Download - demo of Image Optimizer OCX 

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