Auction phase 2

You need to bid more than atleast>Starting bid must be at least is not part of the auction! Auction has ended. You must agree to the terms ID is blocked. Please choose a transfer method not found Wrong password Security check failed. Click here to re-login to xat chat Not enough xats/powers You already have a bid Bid submitted. During phase 1 of the auction you can suggest IDs you would like to buy. Phase 1 ends: Phase 2 ends: During phase 2 of the auction you can bid on any of the IDs in the list. Previous auction results. Current bids: ID for sale Rules: xat user name: Password: time left previous bid Other IDs bid on Sorry. Not available Winner Sold and collected No requests received so far Congratulations on winning the auction. To get your new ID login with your name IMPORTANT: If you want to re-register your old ID please use this link IMPORTANT: To register your new ID please use this link

During phase 2 of the auction you can bid on any of the IDs in the list.

Current bids:

ID for saleBid (xats)Top bid fromtime leftprevious bid
649M120000Cash (6494)Sold and collectedKeyloggers 88888 1266:46:30
404040230033Rinnegan (40440404)Sold and collectediTrevorPhilips 220033 1263:54:51
404404404170000vredigheid (85564765)Sold and collectedUnmercifuLLy 168464 1263:23:56
100009740050Stif (1997)Sold and collectedMarya 40011 1265:22:02
69696900020110Sydney (52656191)Sold and collectediTrevorPhilips 20000 1262:49:26
7777565693600Gizzy (2001)Sold and collectedR4ROEL1526 3500 1265:45:10
50005280000Asus (974100248)Sold and collectedMstr 260011 1262:33:18
798275712011Mystificator (17000017)Sold and collectedFiredBRuce 12000 1266:25:23
1993360000Lcky (917210101)Sold and collectedmimserstifler 350000 1263:59:44
96096245000Vick (101010)Sold and collectedmimserstifler 240000 1263:28:54

The previous auction results are here.

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