room 101

Making an xat room 101 is easy and completely free. Just fill in the boxes below and press the "Update" button. When you are happy with your room 101 copy and paste the code in the box below into your web page, forum, blog etc..

Room 101 comes from George Orwell's book - 1984 and in this context is a room to send things you can't stand. An xat room 101 asks your visitors to decide if they agree with you and send your choices into room 101. Your visitors can put each item in room 101 (or not) and at the end they can see the results as a bar chart.

Click a picture below to change the background:

Enter number of items here (2-12):

Enter your room 101 name here:

Enter your introduction here:

Enter your introduction description here:


Enter item short description here:


Enter item long description - might be the reason you want to put it in room 101:




Total players:


(normally don't change votes)

Width: (pixels)

Click here to update your settings and preview the room 101:

Example - question view

Example - results view

tips and tricks

Don't be afraid to experiment with the settings above. Try different options and press the Update button for a preview of how your room 101 will look.

You don't need to stick with the term "room 101". If you prefer you can use your own name, e.g. "pet hates".

Visitors can normally "vote" once on your room 101. If you change the room 101 name they will be allowed to "vote" again.

You can edit your room 101 even after it is on your web site. You can change the items, add or remove items, change the votes and change the background without changing the code on your web site.

When you view a room 101 you have created on your PC the button on the last page will display "click to change" allowing you to quickly update or change your room 101. When the room 101 is viewed on any other PC the button will say "make your own free".