Slide show

Making an xat slideshow is easy and completely free. Just fill in the boxes below and press the "Update" button. When you are happy with your slideshow copy and paste the code in the box below into your web page.

Enter number of pictures here (2-15):


Enter pictures addresses (URLs) here (must be JPGs)
Image must be on: tinypic (recommended) photobucket imgur


Width: Height:

Enter background color or hex code (e.g. Blue or #000080)

Randomize the order of the pictures

Time between each picture (in seconds)

Duration of transitions (in seconds)

Select the transition type

Check this box if you are happy for others to copy your slide show

Check this box to use full HTML code

Click here to update your settings and preview the slideshow:


xatshow slide show maker

For more complex slideshows please look at our xatshow product. xatshow includes resizing, cropping and adding text and can make DVD and PC slideshows.

tips and tricks

Don't be afraid to experiment with the settings above. Try different options and press the Update button for a preview of how your slide show will look.

For more complex slideshows please look at our xatshow product. xatshow can make DVD and PC slideshows and has many other features including resizing, cropping, optimizing and powerful captioning.

Try typing a color in the "Background color" box. Common color names will work eg "dark red" , "crimson" and "tomato". Usually its best to choose the same color as the background of your web page.

You can edit your slideshow even after it is on your web site.

When you view a slideshow you have created on your PC clicking the slideshow will allow you to quickly update or change your slide show.

The code above is suitable for most web pages and blogs. If you have your own web page and want the full code for maximum compatibility, please check "use full HTML code" above: and then press the Update button.