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xatshow slide show and screensaver maker for PCs, DVD players, web sites, digital cameras and TVs, Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP

xatshow is a 4 in 1 slideshow maker product, use it to:

PC displaying a slide show *   DVD player displaying a slide show   Web page with embedded slide show

Within minutes of downloading xatshow you could:

xatshow is available in freeware, standard and professional editions. Download now.

Professional  Standard  30 day Evaluation  Freeware
PC Slideshows
PC Screensavers
VideoCD/DVD Slideshows
Web slideshows
Digital Camera Slideshow

* Transitions are available for PC, Web and DVD slideshows.

xatshow freeware edition

The Freeware Edition includes everything you need to compress your existing photos to make stunning slide shows and screen savers.


Make single file screen saver & slide shows (.EXE) - no viewer needed
Make slideshows for your web pages (using a choce of Flash or Java)
Screen Saver & Slide Show are the same file -
 the user can decide to view as a slideshow or install as a screensaver
Ideal for email or web download
Use it to send your photos to friends, family and colleagues
Give away your screen saver on your web site as a promotion tool
Select the quality level
Compress a complete folder / slide show in one go
Support for many cameras
Advanced options
Export images from the slide show
MagiCompression Technology


The pictures below show some of the page transitions available with PC slide shows.

Page curl Twist Ripple Cylinder

The table below shows how images will look after they have been processed by xatshow.

Normal 4:3  Normal 4:3 with crop Widescreen with crop

xatshow standard edition

The Standard Edition includes the ability to make DVD slideshows. You can also make VideoCDs that will play in many DVD and VCD players. If your DVD players supports the VideoCD standard and can read CD-R or CD-RW disks  you can make a VCD slide show CD in minutes.

You can also place an auto-run PC slideshow on the CD so that CD will also work and play automatically when inserted into both a PC and DVD player.

You can often improve the look of your photos a great deal by cropping down into the image. xatshow standard edition gives you the ability to adjust each image to your taste and to choose the best format for displaying portrait images on a TV or monitor. You can also use an image editor to do additional work such as red-eye removal or to change brightness contrast etc.


Create DVD and VideoCD slideshows for DVD playback
Include background music
Make autorun CDs that will work on both a PC and DVD
All the tools and facilities of the Freeware Edition
Make larger web slideshows
Turn off the link to xat.com in web slideshows
Display PC slideshows and screensavers in random order
Crop down into any image at will
Add text and images to slides
Rotate any image at will
Enhance images
Convert  non-camera images for use with camera e.g. scans, PowerPoint


The image below shows how a tricky portrait image can be cropped so that it will look good on a TV or monitor. In this case a crop towards the top of the image has been selected. Note that two thin black margins have been left to avoid cropping down too much into the image.

The resulting display will be:

xatshow professional edition

The PC slide show/screen saver that you make with xatshow and distribute to your customers contains a configuration menu that allows the user to set how the slide show screen saver works (e.g. page transition effect, page delay etc.). The Professional Edition allows you to customize the graphics (logos) and text that appear on this menu. You can even configure a button to link back to your web site. See screen shots below.

In VideoCD mode the Professional Edition allows you to customize the CD by adding additional files e.g. you can add SETUP.EXE, FILES.ZIP, ICON.ICO and AUTORUN.INF.


All the tools and facilities of the Standard Edition
Change the link button link to your web page (PC slide show)
Change the text, icon and graphics that accompany the PC slide show and screen saver
Change screensaver menu colors
Disable the Export button if you wish to avoid your images being used for other purposes
Configure a button to link to your web page
Option to turn off the export button
Add custom files SETUP.EXE, FILES.ZIP and/or AUTORUN.INF to VideoCD, DVDs


Download - freeware and all editions of xatshow

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Latest version 8.0:

Screen Shots

The screen shot below shows the Settings screen. For simple slideshows all you have to do is fill in the boxes and press the Create button. 

The screen shot below shows the Sequencer tab. This allows you to fine tune how your slideshow will look and many other actions, e.g. add images & music, re-order, re-name. (Standard and Professional Edition)

The screen shot below shows the Slide tab. This allows you to fine tune how each picture will look  e.g. add text, captions, enhance, crop, rotate. (Standard and Professional Edition)

The screen shot below shows an example Settings screen for a screensaver/slideshow created with the Professional Edition of xatshow screensaver creator. The Professional Edition allows you to use your own Graphics/logos, text and color scheme. You can also have a link to your web page.


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