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Activate a new chat group Your group application has expired. You could try again. This group has already been activated. Sorry, this group has now been taken. You could try again with a different group name. Your group has now been activated! See email for details. Your group address is: For instant help with your xat go here: %s For other problems, comments or suggestions please use the xat community here: %s === THIS IS AN AUTOMATED MESSAGE, PLEASE DO NOT REPLY === Activation of xat group %s is complete Hello %s, Your chat group: %s has now been activated. The link for your group is: %s To edit your %s chat group press the edit button on the bottom right and enter your password. To restore your owner status if it is lost press the edit chat box button. If the group does not follow the Terms of Service %s or is inactive then it may be amended or deleted. Individuals are responsible for the material they post to the chat box but group moderators should do what they can to ensure that your users abide by the Terms of Service. Enjoy your chat and good luck! xat

This group has already been activated.